Map Of United States BMX Tracks

About the File Types

Written by Eric Muss-Barnes

With over 300 active tracks in the United States, how do you find the BMX tracks closest to you? Excellent question!

One way to find them is to use the map above.

Another way to find your nearest BMX tracks is to use a map service such as Google Earth (or a GPS) to locate all 300+ tracks at the same time. I have made this process extremely easy, by giving you links below, to 6 different file types, which you can load into Google Earth software, or any GPS device of your choice.

Most BMX websites only provide a list of tracks and a map to one track at a time. They don't provide a map showing all the tracks at once. Therefore, it can be hard to figure out which tracks are the most convenient for you to attend. My map allows you to see over 350 tracks simultaneously.

Some of the tracks are marked (CLOSED). Why would I list closed tracks? Why not remove them from the list? Because in the sport of BMX, closed tracks often end up reopening. There are some tracks that have closed and reopened under new names, with new owners, 2 or 3 times. So, I leave the closed tracks on the list, in the hope some of them will open again.

I have personally reviewed each and every one of over 350 tracks on this list, to make sure their locations are accurate. Obviously, I didn't visit all 350 tracks in person, but I did check them via satellite imagery, to make sure they exist at those exact coordinates. Naturally, I can't vouch for the indoor tracks, but I did confirm there is a building in that spot, which is apparently large enough to house a track. Be sure to research these tracks yourself! Find a website. Find a phone number. Get in touch with someone and confirm that track still exists, before you waste your time attempting to visit a track that may no longer be there. Good luck and have fun with it!

Map Downloads

Tom Tom POI File (.ov2)

Download this file to your Tom Tom GPS device. Instructions for various GPS devices will be different, so check the Tom Tom website to find your make and model of GPS and read the directions for that particular device.

Microsoft Excel (.xls)

Perhaps you need to organize your list of tracks and want a good spreadsheet of them? This file provides all the tracks in an alphabetical spreadsheet format, so you can manipulate the data as you require.

GPS File (.kml)

This file format can be used in Google Earth to map out directions from your current location to any BMX track in America.